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Discover a new way of enjoying a glass of rum with ATARONXIA®!

We are a hand-made factory of arranged rum who decided to set up home in the heart of El Borne in Barcelona, to let our creativity live.

Our Dominican rum: Ecological, Agricultural & Tasty.

From the sugar cane fields located in San Pedro de Macoris in Dominican Republic until its distillation in the artisanal distillery of our producer, passing through our Abaixadors workshop, The rum produced for ATARONXIA® has these three great characteristics.

Our rum is produced from sugar canes that receive no chemical treatments. Our rum is produced from the fresh juice of the sugar cane and not from the cane molasses. This notable and important difference gives our white rum a vegetable touch and allows us to call it agricultural.

All these combinations, plus other secrets of manufacture and distillation of our craftsman-producer, gives us this beautiful rum to make our creations of macerated rums.

Epicurean Rums



A new and unforgettable experience

Our first thought about ATARONXIA® appeared about 5 years ago. Since then, it has been 5 years of investigations and attempts to, finally, be able to offer you the best combinations.


Rum Maker

We are craft-rum makers, that’s why we want to offer you a unique experience with ATARONXIA. We choose and prepare meticulously seasonal fruits and spices that are gonna be months dancing in our rum, the ripeness of each fruit must be at the perfect point to be able to release all of its flavours y attributes.

Hedonist Rums

You can find all of our collections in our Online Shop. In ATARONXIA®, we leave nothing to chance: since the choice of our small producers of rum to the choice of our high-quality fruits, since our way of cutting them to our creations of combinations looking for the perfect balance... We put our heart in every bottle to offer to our community a pleasant moment with an intense tasting. Every bottle is the result of a continuously manual work, that’s why every bottle is unique and different. Just like you.

Arranged Rum,
never heard of it ?


There are licors, made with a base of rum, a little bit of sugar cane syrup, fresh fruits, spices or flowers. All theses elements macerate together during months, according to the method used. Here’s the global idea! But you have to respect 3 importants secrets in order to create an amazing arranged rum : you need a voluptuous rum (that we have!), passionated fruits producers (that we have!) and... did you really think we were gonna tell you everything? You have to try it! Now that you know who we are, join our community ATARONXIA® and enjoy it with your friends!



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